3, 2, 1, go


I’ve been hesitating about my first post for far longer than I want to admit, and I’m finally sick of it. Honestly, how many people are going to read this? It’ll be buried in my archive before I know it, and by then I’ll have crafted more interesting things to say.

I see this site as a sort of non-fiction writer’s journal. I write both fiction and non-fiction, but there are times, like the past few months, where one dominates the other. I’m in the midst of a non-fiction up-swing. There are many reasons for this, but what it boils down to is my need to tell my own story by listening to how my brain processes information. I research things for fun. Not kidding. I fucking love me some one-on-one time with LiveScience.com, or Nova, or Google Scholar. I kept all my notes from my gen-eds in college just in case. I ingest as much information as possible and then…nothing. I argue with pundits or religious fanatics or that group of high schoolers on the bus the other day, but only in my mind. Until now.

But don’t worry–I’m challenging myself to make these brief. Flash Essays, or Micro Essays, or whatever the buzzword is now. Less than 1,000 words including quotations.

Let’s see how this goes.

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